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Start with the Value Spectrum™

Zero in on the best undervalued companies instantly. Investors like Warren Buffett and the late Sir John Templeton know the importance of not paying too much relative to the markets – and made billions buying companies at a significant discount.


Take a Deep Dive™

The “best” companies produce the biggest profits for investors over time. A Deep Dive will help you understand a company’s fundamental strength, relative value, and performance. Or, rule it out as an investment candidate immediately. Stocks that are performing better than their peers tend to produce bigger profits and do better than the markets as a whole.

Know Exactly What to Do... and When

All the information in the world isn’t worth a hill of beans if you don’t know when or how to make your move. Technical analysis can help. That's why all One Bar Ahead subscribers will receive access to monthly educational modules designed to make you a more confident, powerful, and profitable investor.


Based on 37 years of proven experience, results, and perspective

Combines technical, fundamental, and artificial intelligence (AI) analysis into a simple and actionable data point any investor can use to make more profitable decisions. Find great stocks, avoid risk, and future proof your wealth in any market condition.


Find Value

There are thousands of stocks available but very few are actually worth buying. They’re overvalued, fundamentally flawed or simply not worth the risk. Our analysis makes it easy to understand the most promising investments instantly. Or, avoid the worst.

Get a Second Opinion

Find your next great investment instantly using the same top quality data professionals use. No complicated jargon or confusing technology. Saves hours of research time and helps you confidently manage your portfolio in any market condition.

Know When to Move and Which Strategies to Use

Know what to do and, more importantly, when to make your move. Learn the best tactics and strategies with monthly education directly from Keith Fitz-Gerald.

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