Keith Fitz-Gerald at MoneyShow Orlando in 2020

One Bar Ahead™ is about investing in optimism and its outcome is controlling your financial destiny. It involves 1) recognizing that much of what we've been taught to believe about the financial markets isn't true any longer or is at best misguided and 2) investing in a new financial paradigm based on where the world is going rather than where it's been.

There's no pressure.

You can start where you're comfortable based on your skills, objectives and risk tolerance. Then, "level up" any time you like along the way.

The name comes from the very simple idea that being "one bar ahead" allows you insight into opportunities the market doesn't yet recognize and other investors and traders can't see. Doing so can help you latch onto powerful profit potential as early on in the game as possible.

Keith has spent years developing special analytical tools that he uses behind the scenes and which play a critical part in his research and recommendations. They're also built into the One Bar Ahead™ software and subscribers will have access at the touch of a button.


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