I’ve always believed anybody can be fabulously successful in today’s financial markets with the right education, knowledge, and tactics.

But, where to start?

Today’s markets can be confusing, intimidating and totally overwhelming. There’s a ginormous amount of “free” education out there which,sadly, is free for a reason. The bad advice, the courses and costly seminars,Dark Pools, predatory Wall Street types …

Finding the right guide or mentor can level the playing field immediately.

My one on one coaching program is intended for folks who want to catapult their knowledge and their results to “A-List” levels … no matter where you are today.

What we cover is entirely up to you:

- Investing with a parachute
- Locking in profits
- Investing using trading tactics
- High probability options strategies
- How to pick strikes and expirations
- Which strategies really work and why
- Keeping things simple
- Matching your psychology to tactics and specific stocks
- What your favorite indicators are really telling you
- How to anticipate reversals
- Controlling risk
- Stock repair strategies
- Creating your own dividends

Every session is 60 minutes and will be recorded for further reference.

You’ll share charts and, importantly, have a candid discussion about how to up your game using real-life examples and hypothetical trades drawn from real market conditions.

Please note that I cannot and will not offer individualized investment advice under any circumstances. One on one coaching is just that … coaching.

The cost is $500 an hour and all coaching is conducted via Zoom.

I am available Wednesday through Friday from 5pm – 7pm EST.You can pre-book using Calendly immediately. Click here to schedule your coaching session now.

Please note that payment is expected in advance along with a signed disclaimer.

Thanks for taking a look.

I will do everything I can to help you take your results to the next level and to ensure the trust you place in me as your coach is well founded.

Please email us at info@onebarahead.com if you're interested. 

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