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40 years of trusted experience, perspective, and results

Keith's prepared his investing and trading notes for his own use for years. He believes doing so helps him maintain the discipline and clarity needed to be a successful investor or trader.

Keith often says that the markets will tell a story if only we are smart enough to listen. It's an optimistic look at the world and an edge you won't want to be without.

His goal in publishing the Morning! 5 with Fitz is to help you clarify your own thoughts and develop the same sort of reflexive thinking he's known for.

Slightly irreverent, often thought provoking, even outrageous, it's the next best thing to sitting with Keith every morning.

Some even say reading the Morning! 5 with Fitz is their favorite part of the day!

Keith Fitz-Gerald and Stuart Varney

We hate spam as much as you do, and will never sell or share your information...ever!
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