One Bar Ahead™ Investing Journal
One Bar Ahead™ Investing Journal
One Bar Ahead Digital Magazine
One Bar Ahead™ Investing Journal
Keith Fitz-Gerald with the One Bar Ahead™ digital magazine

One Bar Ahead™ Investing Journal

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Snag a full year of what just may be the most understandable, actionable and potentially profitable investment research of its kind. 

Written for anyone who wants to improve results, line up mouth-watering profit potential and control risk by investing in the world's best companies. Traders are, of course, welcome, too!

Portfolio construction, stock selection, and risk management are all included. Every issue includes specific recommendations, strategies, and tactics you can put to use immediately after you're done reading.

You'll also receive weekly update emails, weekly "Ask Me Anythings", and access to the carefully curated OBA 50 stock list.

All in plain English - no hype, no gotchas, no gimmicks.

Verified ISSN: 2766-7863

    • Protect your downside by investing with a parachute!

    • 2 "Tesla Killers" to buy today

    • Thorough portfolio review

    • Why monopolies aren't a big deal

    • And much more...

    • This is a monthly digital publication, meaning you will receive it via email.

    • You will be receiving your first copy immediately after purchasing in your email.

      In between issues, be sure to keep up with Keith by reading his personal investing and trading notes. Called "Morning! 5 with Fitz" because it should take you all of about 5 minutes to read, it's an optimistic look at markets you won't find anywhere else. And, an edge you won't want to be without!

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    • If you are active military or a first responder, please contact us after you subscribe to receive a special subscription rate adjustment.

  • You'll be getting:

    • Monthly digital issues
    • Access to 100% of the archives instantly
    • 1x/week updates from Keith 
    • 1x/week Q&A emails
    • Monthly access to the full OBA 50 list of stocks
    • 25% off every other OBA product

Is it worth the money?

We believe so, and will make every effort to meet your expectations - but don't take our word for it. Here's what a few of our readers say: